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At Don't Shop, Swap...

...we believe an overwhelming number of clothes are already in existence, so we don't need to buy or make any new ones. It's a lot.



Back in 2019, CEO Lydia Hartley moved to London to start a post-uni job in tech. She was drowning in a sea of clothes but her wallet was bone dry (as is the case for most fresh-faced grads). And while she wanted to keep up with the latest fashion trends, she couldn't shake off the guilt of contributing to the environmental damage caused by the fast fashion industry.

@dontshopswap They still produce 54 Million clothing items per year. Don’t be fooled by the #greenwashing #greenwashingsucks #plt #fastfashionsucks ♬ original sound - Mark Humphries

She realised that she needed to take action to make a difference, no matter how small. That's when she came up with an idea: clothes swapping events where fashion-conscious Gen Z could exchange their clothes for tokens instead of buying new ones.

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